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Pawprint Consulting helps senior executives and their teams to set and execute successful business strategies

When to Call

Listed below are common scenarios that cause an executive to call Pawprint Consulting for help. If any of these apply to your business, you should consider giving Pawprint a call to see how we might help.

  • ● Your employees, fellow leadership team members or the Board are calling for a clearly articulated business strategy and supporting long range plan. Unfortunately, neither the strategy nor long term plan currently  exists.

  • ● Your business is facing, or has just experienced, a major external shock that requires leadership to re-assess the future direction and focus of the company

  • ● You are seriously considering a merger or acquisition, but are not confident that  you have thought through all the implications for the business

  • ● You have reached a stage in your company’s growth where more internal structure is required to efficiently manage and oversee the business. You need help to identify, prioritize and plan the required internal changes

  • ● As a leadership team, you have concerns that you and your colleagues are singing from different song sheets. You recognize the need to get external help to reach alignment

  • ● As a senior leader, you find yourself second guessing your own actions and the actions of others. You have no internal confident with whom to discuss and debate your concerns, ideas or action plans