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Pawprint Consulting helps senior executives and their teams to set and execute successful business strategies

Who is Pawprint Consulting?

Pawprint Consulting focuses on helping leadership teams to set and execute successful business strategies. While Pawprint can bring its skills to all types of companies, it specializes in helping small to mid-sized companies, from emerging start-ups to companies with $1bn to $3bn in revenues.

Pawprint helps senior executives to address a wide range of leadership agenda topics, including long range business planning, merger planning, organization design and company restructuring. Pawprint typically supports its clients in one of three ways: (1) undertaking a multi-step consulting engagement, (2) undertaking a focused senior leadership workshop, or a series of such workshops, (3) by providing coaching and informal guidance to individual leaders.

By design, Pawprint is a one-man operation, in the form of Philip George, a seasoned business consultant and senior executive facilitator. Why by design? Because as a one person operation, you, the client, can benefit from the skills of a highly experienced business consultant without paying the rates of a large consulting firm, without having to pay for a junior support team, and without worrying about your consultant trying to sell larger downstream engagements. As for myself, Philip, I am able to serve the needs of my clients without having to worry about keeping a team of consultants busy, nor having to meet downstream sales quotas.

Pawprint focuses on facilitating and guiding senior executive teams through all elements of strategy development and planning, and certain elements of execution. Where strategy development and/or execution calls for a larger team, Pawprint can either help lead an internal client team, reach out to its network of skilled, independent consultants or provide introductions to suitable firms to provide such support.

At Pawprint, you will receive highly personalized and customized support from an experienced professional, dedicated 100% to supporting your individual needs.