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Merger Integration Planning

Mergers and acquisitions are a way of life in business, and as such your company is likely at some time to be involved in M&A, either as a target or as the acquirer. When considering M&A opportunities much of leadership time is spent working on company valuation and deal negotiations.

In addition to these very important activities, it is also critical to think through how the actual company integration will work. Thinking through this ahead of deal offer or closure can give leadership a realistic understanding of how much effort the integration will take, integration priorities, and the areas of greatest integration risk. Obviously, integration planning is a critical activity once a deal has been signed and closed, to maximize the chances of reaching the merger goals, while limiting internal business disruption.

Pawprint is able to bring integration frameworks and approaches to help leadership think through integration pathways prior to completing a deal, or to rapidly think through and plan the integration post deal completion. Pawprint can offer this service either in a "behind-the-scenes" manner or by being actively engaged as part of the integration management team.