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Organization Design

It is not uncommon to find organization structures and processes at companies that have simply evolved over time, with little to no thought as to how they support or impede the growth of the company, or execution of the company strategy. Symptoms of such organization drift include bloated functions, misaligned distribution of resources, confusion over how decisions are made, slow decision making, conflicting work efforts and so forth.

At Pawprint, we can help you to analyze your current organization design and to determine if it is fit for purpose. This does not start with a predefined view of the perfect structure, but rather seeks input from across the organization to determine if the current structure is working well, and if not, where things are breaking down. From this baseline, Pawprint helps the organization to think through alternative design options, and to create a design that best fits the organization.

Organization design is much more than lines and boxes on a page. Pawprint helps leadership to think through key decision making and issue resolution processes, how to make the organization design support the current or desired company culture, and how to make the organization design fit the working styles of the company leaders.