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Executive Coaching

It is sometimes difficult as a senior executive to get honest input from your colleagues or direct reports, due to political sensitivities or their concern over saying the "wrong thing". Naturally, such a situation can result in many difficulties. If the executive only receives positive or confirmatory feedback, or maybe no feedback at all, many problems and concerns may be hidden. While these problems may remain hidden for a long time, they will eventually surface in unwanted ways, such as a rapid rise in employee turnover, a rise in customer dissatisfaction or the implementation of a flawed strategy or program.

Pawprint can serve as a sounding board to senior executives, helping them to think through their ideas and plans, while challenging their assumptions and prejudices. Alternatively, Pawprint can act as neutral arbiter, gathering input and feedback from the across the organization, regarding a range of subjects such as understanding of company direction, agreement with company strategy, organizational tensions and feedback on leadership behaviors.

When providing executive coaching, all discussions are treated in a highly confidential manner.