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Executive Team Facilitation

It is not unusual for executive teams to plan the occasional off-site workshop to focus on long term strategy, next year's priorities or some thorny business issue. Unfortunately, it is also not unusual for such workshops to end up with frustratingly little output. If your team has undertaken such a workshop in the past 12 to 18 months, take a look back and see if you gained valuable insights from the exercise and whether you have actively made progress against actions generated at the workshop. If not, then you may wish to engage Pawprint to help with you next executive workshop.

Executive team workshops often fail to live up to expectations due to a number of common factors including: lack of thought as to the purpose, design and flow of the workshop; lack of proper preparation, so the day can focus on issues and decision making over catching up and education; lack of solid facilitation; and lack of follow up.

At Pawprint, I can help you to overcome all of these common barriers. I do this by bringing years of experience in the design, preparation and execution of leadership planning sessions and content-focused workshops. I work with you to understand the goals of the workshop, to help identify and gather necessary input, to design a workshop agenda and flow that meets your team's preferred ways of working, to facilitate the workshop, and to capture the workshop outputs in an easy-to-follow and concise format.

Determining long term strategy and direction often requires multiple discussions, and if this is the case, Pawprint can work with you to design a multi-workshop approach, with clear goals for each workshop and for the periods in between workshops.

At Pawprint, I pride myself on being an objective and challenging facilitator, who will push you and your team to focus on the facts, to drive to conclusions where-ever possible, and to make the workshop outputs meaningful and actionable.